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The Puppet Lab
81 Great Junction Street

Tel: 0131 554 8923
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In the Forest of Ghuillie Dhu Gerry, the Forest Ranger, looks after seven special creatures: Red Squirrel, Pine Martin, Badger, Owl, Rabbit, Wood Pecker and Capercaillie plus a few extras.

These creatures present the facts and figures of why the care of woods has always been so important to us. In eight hilarious scenarios, the gang get stuck into the themes of environment, sustainability, climate change, recycling, forest management and much else.

Now running for more than 10 years, Forest Creatures keeps adapting to changing issues and maintains a strong sense of humour as well as purpose. There isn't a more engaging way to present topical issues for Treefolk.


Sky Trumpets is a fantastical promenade that collects thoughts and voices from the public and creates a unique on-the-spot soundscape.

Utilizing electronic wizardry, delay pedals and other special effects Sky Trumpets broadcast the wishes of the general public to the heavens.

Three performers in amazing costumes push a glittering sculpture over 3.5 metres high; collecting people's wishes and playing a soundscape of voices and music as they go.

Available for summer and winter bookings. Sky Trumpets sparkles in the sunshine and is lit up at night!

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Who wants to be different?   Wear odd clothes?
Have a pet sock?

Meet the Lost Sock Princess!

If you ever wondered why there are so many odd socks in the world, find out now!

"Infectious, interactive fun!", Review by The List

"**** 4 stars", Review by TVBomb

"Lost Sock Princess 'enthralls'!", Review by STV Local

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The Frog Princess combines storytelling and puppetry in a show full of warmth and humour, for audiences aged 3 -7 years old and their families and friends.

The Russian tale tells of three brothers who are ordered by their father to find a bride. Each prince must shoot an arrow into the air, and marry whoever finds it. Perfect princesses return the arrows to the eldest two brothers. Unfortunately a frog finds the third brother's arrow.

Two superb puppeteers lead the audience through the trials and tribulations of the Frog in this all new version of a Puppet Lab classic.


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